About the Product

I wonder how many pink lovers there are in the world? If you like pink, then this poster is made for you! Ready-made poster  “Incarnadine Christmas” is a stylish and trendy composition. Perfect for greeting cards, party invitations and advertising flyers.

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Gif Deer

All elements are created in “smart objects” that allows you to rotate and scale without loss of quality. For your convenience, color options are already available in layers, but you can also customize your unique color and gradient.

First of all, I create quality graphics with special attention to detail. The most compelling evidence is only if you check it yourself! For instance download any of our free goods and I’m sure you’ll enjoy it.

All in all, what is included in Incarnadine Christmas?

Ready-made compositions with smart object, PSD, 300 dpi, A4.

Mock-Up used in Incarnadine Christmas poster: Poster on the wall.


In conclusion, I would like to say that you can also buy my graphics on other creative marketplaces, but since this is my website, I can make big discounts! )

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